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  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance
  • Oil changes
  • Belt & Hose Replacement
  • Brake Checks & Cleaning

Keep your vehicle running at peak performance.

Prevent costly repairs in the future by completing all of your scheduled maintenance! We’ll handle all of your scheduled maintenance and ensure that your vehicle has everything it needs to keep running.
Factory Scheduled Maintenance Plans
Bill's Automotive recommends adhering to the manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance plan by mileage intervals as outlined for the vehicle’s specific year, make and model.

30,000 Mile Factory Scheduled Maintenance Plan
60,000 Mile Factory Scheduled Maintenance Plan
90,000 Mile Factory Scheduled Maintenance Plan
100,000 Mile Factory Scheduled Maintenance Plan

Our Exclusive 15 Point Oil Change Service
Our 15 point oil change service not only changes your oil and oil filter, but checks and fills all vital fluids and inspects major vehicle functions to ensure optimal performance and safety on the road.
Belt & Hose Replacement Services
Replacing your vehicle's belts and hoses at the correct intervals based on the manufacturer's specifications increases your vehicle's dependability.

    Drive Belt (V-Belt)

    Fan Belt

    Serpentine Belt

    Timing Belt

    Heater Hoses

    Lower Radiator Hose

    Upper Radiator Hose

Brake Checks & Cleaning Services
Routine brake inspections and maintenance help to ensure your vehicle’s brake system operates as designed at all times.
Fluid & Filter Change Services
Different fluids and filters are vital to keeping key components of your vehicle clean and functioning properly.  The Auto Repair can inspect and change:

    Brake Fluid

    Differential Fluid

    Power Steering Fluid

    Transfer Case Fluid

    Transmission Fluid & Filter

    Wiper Fluid

    Air Filter

    Cabin Air Filter

    Fuel Filter

Tire Rotation Service
Keeping your tires properly inflated and rotating them every 6,000 miles will maximize the lifetime of your tires and helps to maintain precise handling in all driving conditions.
Suspension Services
Keeping your steering and suspension systems in the best condition dramatically affects the quality of your ride. Over time your shocks and struts will show signs of wear and perform with less precision making your vehicle drive less smoothly over bumps in the road. Bill's Automotive will  inspect you suspension for excessive wear.
  • Fluid & Filter Changes
  • Tire Rotation
  • Suspension Adjustments